Efflorescence Protection

Efflorescence Protection

Efflorescence is a white crystalline powder-like substance which forms on surface of concrete, stucco, brick or masonry.

Efflorescence is created by water-soluble salts which are found in ground water. Water migration (vapor emission), carries the ground water and salts to the surface though capillary channels to migrate to the surface, a process called capillarity.

Any porous, cement based, building material in direct contact with the earth is a potential source for efflorescence. Eliminating the ability of moisture to travel through capillary channels stops efflorescence.

DRYCRETE Moisture Stop creates an integral hydrostatic barrier through alkali reaction, forming a hardened, water insoluble gel, and filling the capillary voids and paths of reticulation, thereby creating a permanent integral moisture barrier.

Efflorescence and moisture seepage have many variables, such as large fissures or stress cracks, and these variables need to be remedied prior to the application of DRYCRETE Moisture Stop.

Please read all Technical Data Sheets for application standards and product use limitations.

Multiple Use

Permanent Moisture Control
  •  Permanent integration into the concrete mass
  • Greatly reduces permeability
  •  Enhances surface traction properties
  •  Promotes greater surface bond
  •  Provides internal humidity stability
  •  Mitigates moisture vapor emission
  •  Stops ASR and prevents further reactivity
  •  Eliminates internal water migration
  •  Resists Freeze-Thaw Damage
  •  Excellent resistance to salt & deicer erosion
  •  Virtually eliminates dusting potential
  •  Stops efflorescence
  •  Significantly increases acid & chemical resistance
  • Non-Toxic
  • Zero VOC
  • Environmentally Safe
  • User Friendly
  • Odorless
  • Non-Flammable

When the water evaporates, the result is efflorescence.

DRYCRETE Moisture Stop eliminates moisture migration to the surface and stops efflorescence. It accelerates and purges existing ground water moisture content within the substrate and forces it to the surface.



Whitening of concrete sealers – also known as ”Blushing”


When the water in concrete is able to freeze, it then expands & causes damage to concrete surfaces.


Leaves no surface residual to impede or hinder bonding of any coatings or adhesives.


A white crystalline powder-like substance which forms on surface of concrete, stucco, brick or masonry.


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